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Emily Banner, LMT

Myofascial Release   ~   Massage Therapy

When your body gets out of balance, your whole life can feel out of balance. Whether you need deep relaxation, pain relief, or help managing a chronic condition, I will tailor your massage session to your specific needs and help you restore that balance.

Latest news -- April 2018

Spring has sprung! Now that the snow has (mostly) melted, a lot of us are getting to work in our yards and gardens – which, while satisfying, can also cause a wheelbarrow full of aches and pains. You know what’s really good for fixing those? Not to mention lovely in its own right? Massage.

Appointments are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; book now! (Please note that Embodywork will be closed the week of April 16.)

On a separate note, April is National Poetry Month. I’ve been looking around for poems that feel relevant to massage therapy, and here is my favorite so far, by Carole Satyamurti:

This. And This

Take this wall – practically
solid, and also
a field of whirling energy,
just as this shingled drift of beach
has one flat name
but is also
billions of tiny stones,
each pulsing and unique.

Take this computer,
mirror of mind, that discriminating
architect of difference;
the dance of binaries
reflecting the way we chop the world
lest we be paralysed by wonder.

But take this hand – skin, muscle, bone and
an electrochemical conversation and
what a cello needs to find its voice and
part of me I say goodbye with.

The Indian Ocean knows nothing
of where precisely it becomes the South Atlantic.
Hold my hand long enough
and you won’t know where it ends and yours begins.

Nothing this hand does is without consequence.
Take it.

- Carole Satyamurti, from her book Countdown

Embodywork is open on Tuesdays from 8:30am to 5:30pm, and Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

To purchase gift certificates, or for more information, email emily@embodywork.net or call (413) 570-3623.